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Women personify various roles in our society. Did you know that in the United States two out of every three caregivers are women? Well, that means that they provide daily care to children, adults, people with illnesses or disabilities. There is a greater risk for women giving care to experience poor mental and physical health. The COVID-19 pandemic has not made things any better as women caregivers have been at a higher risk for depression and anxiety. It is therefore important for women caregivers to practice selfcare even while caring for others.

Stress management tips for caregivers during the COVID-19 pandemic should be applicable even after the pandemic. This week, May 9th to 15th, has been dedicated to celebrating women’s health week and we want to share ways in which women can improve their health. This article hopes to share information that will help you become a wholesomely healthy woman. These tips are applicable to women of all walks of life, age and profession.

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  • Diet and Exercise

Let’s be honest with each another, how often do you hydrate in a day or when was the last time you had a healthy bowl of salad? If you have to think about it, then you have definitely not been doing it. And its fine, for now, but after this, we need to commit to do better with what we feed our bodies. It does not have to be an extreme lifestyle, but you can always start by making a few changes. How about walking up the stairs every day? Or waking up to a glass of water in the morning? It is important for us to keep our bodies well fueled with proper nutrition and simple activities or exercise to stay active.

  • Risky Habits and Abuse

For most, an occasional glass of wine is always a perfect way to end the day or to celebrate. However, there are 19.5 million women in the United States who are struggling with substance abuse. A sad and grim reality. Indulging should always be done in moderation. Another issue is that of mental, physical and emotional abuse. With an 8.1% increase in the cases of domestic abuse during the pandemic, most women are living in fear or intimidation. These are feelings that significantly affect the quality of your life. If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship or situation, get help today by visiting the National Domestic Violence Hotline website.

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  • Take a Break

It is important for women to take a break from some of their daily responsibilities. You do not have to feel sad about needing a break. Most caregivers suffer from caregiver guilt when they take time away from giving care. This should not be the case because you can only provide care if you are taking care of yourself. Take a day off, go to the spa, take a walk around the park, switch off your phone and cozy up to your favorite series. Decompress. You need it. For caregivers that need a break, there is the option of respite care. A professional caregiver will step in and ensure that your client or loved one is well taken care of.

  • Health Check-Up

When was the last time you visited your physician for a full body checkup? Knowing your health status is important as it helps you prevent any potential diseases or identifies them earlier on. You can always take advantage of the free screening for breast cancer and cervical cancer during  months that raise awareness. Your awareness will help you stay healthy and at peace.

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