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Caring and Respectful

Immaculate Homecare Service is an extremely professional agency. They are caring and respectful to their clients. We have dealt with many agencies and they are the best. Highly recommend Immaculate Homecare Service. Micheal, our home health aid is so patient and kind. He is fantastic!ūüėä Cheryl F. &¬†Tom B., Arlington

Caring Support Team

I recommend Immaculate Home Care Services  100%! It is not a business, it is a caring support team that’s with you every step of the way. They understand the changes in the aging process that requires changes in the parent’s care program. Over two and a half years, they supported my mom with caregivers from 4 hours twice a week to 24hr care at the end.

The caregivers have a heart of gold and the patience of Job. They are well trained by the skilled nurse co-owners to correctly execute the care plan. The team designed care plans were thoughtfully developed based on the parent’s abilities, medical needs, interests, and approach to having in-home-care.

These discussions were important, and I am grateful that the Immaculate Care team was willing to spend time helping me know how best to take care of mom. The co-owners gave honest, medically informed advice in a kind, supportive way. It was such a relief to speak honestly and receive support and guidance without judgement. They really care about the caregiver throughout the process.

The breadth and depth of the skill and support from this company’s co-owners and CNAs, proves that you really can receive what feels like Immaculate Care for your parents, and for you the caregiver.

Recommendation by Day from Belmont

Professional and Caring

I’m an attorney/guardian who needed a private aide for a client at an assisted living facility in Boston after the client lost some abilities to safely swallow food. I reached out to Immaculate Homecare about helping puree the client’s meals and engaging her in activities such as walking, otherwise exercising, and maintaining her personal hygiene.

The owner Sally met with me and the client and got to know the client, and they’ve provided excellent service over the past five months. The client has aides who are considerate of her needs and limitations. Immaculate and Sally have been fantastic about communicating with me when aides are unable to keep their shifts, and fast to find replacements. I have needed some additional help getting the client to appointments and Immaculate met those needs. Sally and her team care about my client and each time I see my client with her aide, the client is responsive and comfortable.

I would gladly use Immaculate for other clients and recommend them to others. They’ve proven to be professional, caring, and an excellent help to me and my client.

~ Jason Prokowiew, Attorney, Boston

Very Comforting

My mother was in assisted living for 3 1/2 years and required additional services with her daily activities of living.¬† Her doctor’s office had suggested that we contact Immaculate Homecare Services for these services.¬† My mother loved her care givers.¬† They came twice a day to assist her clean or change her colostomy bag, getting dressed, showering, taking her medications and having a chat with a cup of coffee.¬† My mother was able to function in assisted living with the additional help.¬† The care givers never missed a day of caring for my mother the entire time. Even in bad weather they were there.¬† It was a comfort to our family that we knew my mother was well cared for.¬† When my mother did pass away last year her care giver was with her and I was so glad she had someone with her at that time.

~ Rita K., Arlington

Absolutely Amazing!

Immaculate Homecare Services has been the most wonderful home healthcare service one could find.

Sally, Faith and their dedicated team of caregivers are absolutely amazing. They have given us support and prompt assistance at a very stressful and needed time in our life. The moment we reached out to them they took complete control of our situation and offered us immediate help.

We called Homecare to look after my mother-in-law when her husband was rushed to the hospital and she couldn’t remain at home alone. They came to her house right away to meet with us and set up an instant plan for her care. The attention they gave her and their clear assessment of her needs Рwithout any prior knowledge of her medical history Рwas truly amazing.

We knew instantly that she would be in the best care we could find.

The attention and focus they consistently show her is truly remarkable. They have genuine concern for her well-being, comfort and health. Along with this concern, they show true knowledge of her therapeutic needs and issues and consistently assess these needs as they alter and change.

The caregivers and RNs at Immaculate Homecare Services have truly been a salvation. We are so pleased with their abilities and skills and would Рwithout question- absolutely recommend their services for any family’s healthcare needs.

– Karla Q., Medford