Caregiving can be incredibly rewarding; however, it can also be a consuming responsibility. Burn-out and stress can leave a caregiver completely drained of energy to provide care. The effects are often on the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Respite care for caregivers allows them to take a much-needed break so as to rejuvenate and restore balance to other aspects of their life.

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Respite care refers to a temporary break to relieve family caregivers of their usual responsibilities and duties. Arrangements for respite care can be for a single afternoon, a few days or weeks. Care can be provided in a healthcare facility, at home or an adult day center.

Benefits of Respite Care

  • Rest and Recharge

Respite care allows you to rest from all the duties that you have been taking up as caregiver. Adequate rest allows you to recharge which will leave you renewed and ready to continue with your role as a caregiver.

  • Offers Peace of Mind

Professional respite care offers you the peace of mind as you are aware that the care recipient’s needs are being met. You do not have to worry over your loved one receiving care as they are under qualified care providers.

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  • Allows Social Engagement

Respite care for caregivers allows them to spend time reconnecting with loves ones so as to nurture other significant relationships. Giving attention to your own social needs as a caregiver should not make you feel guilty or as though you are neglecting the care recipient.

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  • Provides Perspective

By stepping out of the role of a caregiver, you are able to see things clearly and maintain proper perspective. It allows you to brainstorm better ways of doing things and what other resources you can use to improve your duties as a caregiver.

  • Opportunity to Try Out Other Care Options

If you are family caregiver, respite care can be a way to try out other care options for your loved one. You might want to consider professional care from a home care agency to substitute for the days you might not be available.

We understand that caregivers are under immense pressure during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our professional caregivers are available to safely provide quality and compassionate care for your loved one.

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