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Oh, Parents!!! Where would we be without them? Without their love, sacrifice, continuous effort to embarrass us and get on our nerves?

Parent: (perənt/) •noun , someone that has the ability not to go crazy because of children.

Parent: (perənt/) •noun , living recollection of your embarrassing childhood memories.

Even with the highs and lows, we experience with our parents, their love for us remains unconditional.

Every fourth Sunday in July is a day set aside to celebrate and appreciate our parents.

This special day was established in 1994 to support, uplift, and recognize the role of parents in raising their children.

National Parents’ Day is a perfect day to do something for your parents or as a family just to appreciate them for all they do for us.

We have a few ideas that could come in handy on this year’s National Parent’s Day.

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  • Make a Scrap Book

Scrapbooks are the perfect way to reminisce the good times you have had as a family. You can update the scrapbook every year on Parents’ Day and fill it with beautiful memories. Scrapbooks also inspire ideas for future activities and trips.

  • Handmade/Customized Gifts

Instead of buying them a gift this year, why not get creative and make one? You can customize it to send a beautiful message to mom and dad. Whatever the gift is, you can be sure that it will be their new favorite item.

  • Special Treat

Treating our parents to a picnic, lunch, or dinner at their favorite restaurant or a vacation is a simple way to appreciate them. You can also book a spa treatment for them to relax and get pampered.

  • The Gift of Care

If you have elderly parents, you should consider the gift of care. Using the services of a reliable home care agency, a caregiver will step in to ensure that your parents’ home care needs are catered for professionally.

  • #Unplugged Activities

Take some time off technology and gadgets to enjoy some quality time with your parents. You can have a family game night, take a walk to the park, or an afternoon drive.

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  • Prepare a Meal

You can prepare their favorite meal or dessert or join them in preparing a special meal. Spending time doing such activities will make them feel honored and appreciated.

  • Chore Free Day

Parents often worry about maintaining the house through house chores. You can throw a house cleaning party for them or consider the services of a home care aide to help with light housekeeping duties.

  • Hand Written Appreciation Note or Letter

In this digital age, sending a text or email has become a normal way to appreciate one another. How about doing things the old-school way? A hand-written note or letter is more sentimental and thoughtful.

We hope that whatever you do for mom and dad on Parents’ Day will put a smile on their faces.

A Happy Parents’ Day from Immaculate Homecare Services

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