One of the most complex forms of care is ostomy care. Caring for a patient with an ostomy requires a high level of training, information, and experience in peristomal skincare and the ostomy itself.

It can be challenging for individuals to care for their own ostomies and therefore the expertise of a caregiver is required. Different home care agencies follow different care protocols but there are some standard protocols that need to be followed.

Involving a professional caregiver for ostomy care is important for all individuals with an ostomy, however, it is crucial for some. Individuals with the following issues should consider the services of a professional caregiver for ostomy care:

  • Mobility issues like trouble walking around or leaving the house.
  • A leaking fistula or ostomy.
  • Ostomy and wound complications that require advanced care. 

At Immaculate Homecare Services, we follow a detailed evaluation protocol to ensure that we understand individual needs. Our ostomy care plans are customized to each patient with consideration of their health history or any underlying conditions.


We offer a complimentary evaluation to help us develop a care program. At the evaluation stage, we ensure that the following is done:

Collaboration in Developing Care Plans

Collaboration in Developing Care Plans

Collaboration in Developing Care Plans

Developing our care plans is a collaborative effort between the patient and their family, their primary physician, the assigned caregiver, and our case managers.

By involving these parties, we understand that each individual plays a significant role and contribution to care.

For instance, the physician could recommend a change on the type of pouch to be used at a certain time. This information needs to be shared with the caregiver to ensure they are trained to change the pouch.  

Stoma Treatment

Evaluating the medication and cleaning procedures is necessary during an evaluation.

Picking the safest and appropriate medicine and cleaning approaches reduces the risk of infection and also keeps the stoma area clean all the time.

Effects of the Stoma

Some parts of the body can be affected by the ostomy procedure or later effects. It is therefore important to assess these effects and come up with a management plan.

One risk is the formation of a fistula. The care plan takes these effects into consideration for prevention or treatment purposes.

Other considerations include skin problems around the stoma and incontinence. Through these, we are able to develop a plan that provides the patient with comfort and peace of mind which allows them to have a good quality of life.

Patient’s Role in Ostomy Care

While we are involved in the more tasking part of ostomy care, patients also need to play their part to prevent any complications with the ostomy.




According to Intermountain Healthcare, individuals with ostomies do not need any special diet but they have to exercise precaution with their food choices and habits.

Reason is that some of the food ingested is not digested completely and if not chewed well, it can cause blockage.

Such foods include foods with casings such as sausages and high fiber foods like raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, and dried fruits.  

Daily Activities

Ostomies should not prevent individuals to live a wholesome life. Therefore, physical activities should not be restricted, however, it is important to consult the primary physician prior to engaging in strenuous activities or activities involving water.

Learn the Basics of Ostomy Care

For individuals able to care for their ostomies in the absence of a caregiver, it is important to learn the basics.

Patients can learn how to gently remove the pouch, clean the skin under the pouch, treat dry skin, or how to attach or replace the pouch. Learning these skills can come in handy if traveling or have an emergency.

Observe the Ostomy

It is important to observe and communicate any changes experienced to the caregiver. Issues like skin irritation, fevers, inability to pass gas or stool, or belly pain should not be ignored.

Communicating these to the care team could prevent severe infections or other health complications.




Safety with medication is crucial in ostomy care. Medication should be taken as prescribed, i.e. time, dosage, and method of taking the medication.

Inform the physician and caregiver if experiencing any problems with the medication. Do not change treatment without their authorization.


We offer Ostomy Care in Boston, so in need of Ostomy care in Winchester, Immaculate Homecare Services is here to assist. Our caregivers in Winchester will step in to provide professional, quality and affordable care. 

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