The festive season is here with us and safely caring for aging loved ones can be a stressful, challenging, and hectic experience. Now that a majority of our seniors have been vaccinated, most of us will be spending a lot of time with them during the festivities.

Therefore, their safety should be a priority for every family member to ensure that they also have fun and make merry.

Holiday Safety Tips for Seniors at Home

Holiday Safety Tips for Seniors at Home

According to the CDC, every year, there are more than 300,000 elderly people above the age of 65 are hospitalized for hip fractures, mostly due to falls. These risks can be reduced by evaluating your home before their arrival or before the festive season.

For those of you that will be hosting or caring for your elderly loves ones, here are some safety tips to keep in mind to help you prepare for a stress-free holiday:

  • Decoration Safety

It is important to consider basic decorations that will not clutter your home. Ensure that there is ample space for them to walk by keeping extension cords away from walking paths.

Avoid using candles and use battery-powered candles or bright centerpieces of fruit or flowers. If your senior loved one would like to decorate a tree, opt for an easy-to-maintain artificial tress rather than a freshly cut tree.

  • Lighting & Electricity Safety

Holidays are all about bright lights and bright decorations. However, you need to consider that all the areas in the home are properly lit. Limit the dim holiday lights that could make it hard to see furnishings or cover-up fall dangers.

Consider adding night lighting in the bedroom and bathroom that your senior loved one will be using and make the switches easy to access. Carefully check all other devices that require electricity to ensure they are free of fraying or damage.

Decoration & Lighting Safety

Decoration & Lighting Safety

  • Floor Safety

Falling hazards can be problematic for seniors with all the holiday decorations, so keep the floors clutter-free. Rearrange the furniture to allow free movement and also place non-slip mats and rugs in strategic areas in the house.

If you have kids in the house, identify a specific play area for the kids where their toys will be to prevent your senior loved one from falling.

  • Kitchen Safety

Involving seniors in holiday activities like cooking is always a good idea to keep them engaged. Assigning them fewer tasking responsibilities such as preparing ingredients, measuring, sorting, or stirring.

Avoid asking them to help with activities that involve fire/heat, cutting, or chopping.

Keep the kitchen floors dry at all times and stoves off when they are not being used. You can also consider the services of a professional caregiver to help with meal planning and preparation for your senior loved one this festive season.

Health Safety for Seniors

Health Safety for Seniors

  • Health Safety

The festivities are always an opportunity to indulge in scrumptious and not-so-healthy food and habits. However, for seniors, it is important to moderate their level of indulgence. Plan meals that are well balanced to allow them to indulge while maintaining a healthy diet throughout.

Also, consider their dietary restrictions in the planning process. Keep them hydrated and limit their alcohol intake during the festivities.

While most gyms are closed during the holidays, simple exercises like a walk in the park or within the neighborhood can go a long way in keeping seniors active during the holiday.

Although safety is important for seniors during the holidays, you need to share your holiday plans with them. Also prepare them for a different routine in advance to avoid confusion and stress, especially for dementia patients.

Finally, an extra hand caring for your loved ones goes a long way, consider the services of a professional caregiver to relieve you or your family caregiver.

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