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Valentine’s this year should be as special as it has been in the past despite the pandemic. Adjustments to the realities of the pandemic have made us quite creative during the holidays. The same should be applicable to this year’s Valentine’s. Here are some fun activities that seniors can engage in at home to celebrate Valentine’s this year.

  • Decorate: Get into the Season of Love

Turning your house into a love space will definitely get you in the mood for Valentine’s. For those of you that do not live with your senior loved ones, you can send them decorations and decorate virtually with them, brilliant, isn’t it?

  • Get in the Kitchen

Treat yourself to something sweet this Valentine’s by baking or cooking your favorite treats or meal. Here are some ideas you can use from Good Housekeeping.

Image c/o Unsplash

  • Celebrate with Friends and Family

Consider gathering a few friends and family members while observing the COVID-19 safety measures. Alternatively, you can also hold a virtual party where you celebrate and appreciate each other.

  • Take a Day Out

A walk in the park or a date to your favorite restaurant can be a way to celebrate Valentine’s this year. While lockdowns are still in place in some states, you can check any local sites that are open for visitors. However, ensure you are wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing.

  • Play Valentine’s-Themed Games

Games are always a good idea to celebrate Valentines especially for those celebrating with family. Play, Party, Plan shares kid and adult friendly games that can be played at the comfort of your home while staying safe during this pandemic.

  • Movie Night

Schedule a few romantic movies that you can watch this Valentine’s weekend. Hosting a viewing party can also be a way to enjoy a good movie night. Just ensure that they adhere to COVID-19 safety regulations.

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