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It is expected that after a long day of work, we all feel tired, but after a good night’s sleep, we wake up refreshed and prepared to face a new day. However, for seniors, there are numerous factors that could lead to chronic fatigue. Therefore, dealing with chronic fatigue among seniors is crucial for their overall well-being.

A few causes of chronic fatigue include an assortment of health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, kidney and liver disease. Side effects from prescription medication including pain or sleep medication. Medical treatment such as surgical procedures. Anemia, sleep apnea, infection, emotional challenges, grief, stress, poor lifestyle choices and thoughts of despondency are just but a few of the other causes of chronic fatigue.

Overcoming chronic fatigue is possible by applying the following tips:

  • Keep a record of when the senior feels most sluggish and most energized. This will help you understand the mood change patterns for better routine planning.
  • Schedule relaxation times. Activities such as listening to peaceful music, meditation or reading can help sooth seniors who are experiencing fatigue.
  • Encourage a senior loved one to seek professional help. If they are dealing with mental health issues that are causing fatigue, a professional counselor will help them deal with stress, depression or any emotional difficulties.
  • Seniors should always ask for help when they feel swamped with activities in their schedules. Avoid overworking yourself as it could make you feel tired and slow down your productivity. Working with others will make the job go faster and will be fun. Seeking professional help for household chores can also help reduce chronic fatigue.
  • Modify sleeping habits. Eliminate long naps especially late in the afternoon or early evening. By doing this, seniors will have improved sleep throughout the night.
  • Avoid or quit substance abuse. Smoking has been associated with medical problems that can drain energy, avoid it or work towards quitting. Alcohol consumption should be done in moderation and for extreme chronic fatigue cases, it should be avoided.
  • More fun time. Include fun activities into a senior’s routine. Activities that make them laugh will naturally boost their mood and energy.
  • Incorporate physical activity into a senior’s daily routine. After consulting with their physician, create modified exercise programs that will keep them active. Exercises release endorphins, also referred to as the happy hormone.

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