Safety at home for seniors requires extra attention and adjustments to prevent falls within the home. Bathrooms are particularly a key area in the house where injuries tend to occur often. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 80% of the bathroom injuries were caused by falls, with a majority among older adults. Minor movements in the bathroom, such as standing up or sitting down, can result in falls with severe injuries. This article will look into bathroom safety tips that can prevent falls and injuries.


  • Grab Bars

An essential tool for senior care bathroom safety, grab bars play two crucial roles. They offer a grip when getting into and out of the tab or getting off or on the toilet. The second is that if your loved one slips, the bars will offer support, which could prevent a fall and severe injuries.

Grab Bars
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  • Tension Poles

Bathrooms have slippery surfaces, including floors and counters. These increase chances of falls and slips, in addition to grab bars, tension poles at convenient locations in the bathroom to provide something to hold on to.

Tension Pole
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  • Transfer Bench

For households that use a tub to shower, one has to step over the tab’s high side to get in. This can be a problem for seniors with limited movement. A transfer bench will allow you to get into the tab by sitting outside the tab and safely sliding over.

Transfer Bench
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  • Nonslip Strips

These strips give some traction and avoid falls from any splashed water. At the same time, it is important to avoid throw rugs as they absorb water, making them hazardous on a slippery floor.

Nonslip Strips
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Proper Lighting and Visibility

Natural light can be effective in preventing falls as everything in the bathroom is visible. If the bathroom is located in an area with limited natural light, the bathroom lighting should make every part of the bathroom visible. Light reflective paint can also help enhance visibility.

Improve Accessibility & Remove Obstacles

It is important to make all items in the bathroom accessible and easy to reach. Toiletries and other bathing items should be within reach. Removing obstacles in the bathroom can prevent tripping over in the bathroom and improve space in the bathroom.

Use Toilet Raisers

For toilets with low seating, a toilet seat raiser always comes in handy. When the seat raiser raises the toilet, the chances of falls become significantly low, especially for older adults.

Keep Floors Clean and Dry

Ensure that the floor is free of debris or clothing that could cause a fall. A dry floor is the simplest safety measure that can be taken to maintain bathroom safety.

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