It is that time of the year, the beautiful time of LOVE ❤️❤️❤️

Valentine’s has a different meaning to all of us, some celebrate themselves, others their significant others, and some their friends and family. However, the common factor is that it is a day to celebrate love.

This year, even with the pandemic, will be a little different because most of us have been vaccinated.

7 Ways to Show Seniors Love this Valentine’s Day

7 Ways to Show Seniors Love this Valentine’s Day

On that note, here’s another reminder to get vaccinated if you haven’t. Do it for yourself, your loved ones, and your community. Visit Vaccine.org to find a COVID-19 vaccine near you. 

The blessing of the vaccine will enable us to safely spend quality time with our senior loved ones this Valentine’s day. It will be a perfect day for you to also show them love and affection and we are here to share some ways you can do this for your senior loved one.

1. Set the Mood by Decorating Together

Valentine’s is all about flowers and a touch of red, the color of love. If you will be spending Valentine’s day with your senior or intend to visit, you can shop for the décor together and give your home a simple touch to feel extra special on this day. For those of you who live miles away from your senior loved ones, prepare some fun decorations that your loved ones can use or send a beautiful care package to make them feel special.

Enjoy their Hobbies or Interest

Enjoy their Hobbies or Interest

2. Enjoy their Hobbies or Interest

Joining your senior in a hobby or interesting activity can go a long way in spending quality time this Valentine’s day. They could be interested in cooking or baking or enjoy gardening. Take time to get involved in these activities. You can ask them to help in meal preparation while you cook. You can also try making a scrapbook with them as a way to document memories.

3. The Gift of Care

Caring for a senior loved one can be challenging especially if you are busy with work or other responsibilities. This Valentine’s day consider giving your loved one the gift of care by hiring a professional caregiver from a reliable home care agency. Not only will you be at peace knowing that they are under professional care, but it is also a way to show them, love.

Fun Night In

Fun Night In

4. Fun Night In

Enjoy a fun night in with games or watch a romantic movie that they enjoy. Make the night more memorable by getting some popcorn and a drink that they enjoy. But be careful not to overindulge them especially if they have an underlying health condition. You can also listen and dance to their favorite music while documenting these memories with photos and videos.   

5. Celebrate with Friends, Family, and the Community

Take advantage of the easing COVID-19 restrictions and hold a small gathering outdoors to celebrate with your senior loved ones and their community. Spreading love through good food and cheer is one of the best ways to spend Valentine’s this year. Don’t we all deserve it after this pandemic? Make sure you observe local safety protocols to avoid a COVID-19 outbreak.

6. Go Old-School, Write Them Letters

Seniors will enjoy this because it reminds them of the good old days when technology did not exist. It is also more sentimental because the gesture of taking your time to write down your thoughts and feelings is more meaningful and intimate. You can also read old letters and have a good laugh at the memories.

Involve the Kids

Involve the Kids

7. Involve the Kids

Involving kids to make a senior loved one’s Valentine’s special is one of the most heartfelt acts. They can record a beautiful message to your senior loved ones or get involved in a personalized project. You can also make this a tradition to celebrate your senior loved one with the kids involved.



How will you be spending your Valentine’s Day this year?

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