Happy Halloween to you and your loved ones!!! What Halloween Ideas and Activities do you have in place this year?

Not sure if you are excited as we are for this year’s Halloween because we can finally be with our loved ones, make memories and enjoy some holiday-themed activities.

6 Fun Halloween Ideas and Activities for Seniors at Home

6 Fun Halloween Ideas and Activities for Seniors at Home

If you have been separated from your elderly loved one due to COVID-19, this is the time to come together and celebrate this festivity with them with no restrictions.

With the increasing last-minute holiday shopping rush, we understand that most of you are under pressure to host your elderly loved ones. And not just hosting them, but hosting them in style. Do not worry, we have a few ideas that could help you make this Halloween even more memorable for your senior loved ones at the comfort of your home.

1. Home Decorations

In the mood to go all out with home décor? Then Halloween is the perfect opportunity for you to decorate your home or your senior loved one’s home for the season. You can hang artificial cobwebs in the house corners, DIY paper-made bats at the front door porch, or run orange string lights outside. You can check out more DIY activities from Country Living.

2. Halloween Themed Movie Marathon and Games

Some seniors prefer indoor activities with a lot of relaxation. A lazy weekend this Halloween can include a themed movie marathon. You can get their favorite snacks (remind them to indulge moderately), invite their friends over, and let them enjoy a spooky movie weekend indoors. Mix up classic movies with some new favorites to ensure they have variety. You can also purchase your loved one’s favorite board games, but with a Halloween theme.

Halloween Art & Craft

Halloween Art & Craft

3. Healthy Halloween Treats

Healthy treats you ask? Yes, we said HEALTHY!!! It is possible to create some healthy treats that seniors can enjoy. They do not have to be loaded with unnatural sugars or highly processed ingredients. Check out these simple, healthy, and yummy recipes. Baking or cooking is an amazing way to bond with seniors and this will be a winner!

4. Art and Craft Anyone?

Halloween allows seniors to get creative and this is an amazing way to help them relax and release their inner child. You can get some painting activities going, use milk jugs to create lanterns (get those recycling points), cut out pumpkins or some DIY pom pomp ghosts, spiders and pumpkins. Get creative, it’s Halloween!

5. Halloween Costumes

Dressing up for Halloween this year should be exciting because most of us have been coming up with ideas while in quarantine or isolation. Coming up with the ideal costume should not be difficult given the events in our country. We have seen some COVID-19 vaccine-inspired costumes, climate change advocacy ideas, and costumes to celebrate our healthcare heroes for their resilience and dedication. Using such inspiration should make it easy to pick out or design the ideal Halloween Costume.

Halloween Care Packages

Halloween Care Packages

6. Halloween Care Package

It might be difficult for some of us to be with our elderly loved ones so, you can always put together a care package for them. Pick out their favorite treats, make masks or send them costume supplies. Additionally, you can also consider sending a home care companion to help them make their favorite Halloween meals or crafts. The gift of care goes a long way for those of you who will not be able to join your elderly loved ones this Halloween.