Our Safety Precautions During COVID-19

We care for a vulnerable population and hence have been very cautious to protect them since the beginning of the pandemic.

Our caregivers have always received training in infection control. We have added specialized training in the transmission and prevention of respiratory illnesses, especially for COVID-19. Additionally, there has been even greater emphasis on hand washing, general hygiene and disinfection.

Protecting our clients is our priority. Our caregivers have always worn gloves. Additionally, over a month before the state recommended it, we provided our staff with surgical masks to wear at all times in the client’s home. Training was also done to ensure that masks are used correctly.

We continue to give weekly updates to our staff to ensure they stay up to date with the progress of the COVID-19 response in Massachusetts, and the US in general. We encourage our staff to continue social distancing when they are not with clients.

We are in constant touch with clients and/or their families to ensure they are updated on our efforts.

Thank you,